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Sugar and Spice Custom Creations, LLC

Strawberry Chocolate Donut Wax Melt - Chocolate Raspberry Donut Wax Melt

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Indulge in the irresistible donut inspired wax melts.

Our Strawberry Chocolate and Chocolate Raspberry Donut Wax Melts are a treat to your senses with the mouthwatering scent of freshly baked donuts with our handcrafted wax melts. 

The Strawberry Chocolate Donuts have a rich and creamy chocolate base blended with fresh juicy strawberries. For an added bonus we added on a drizzle and heart sprinkles to really bring these wax melts to life.

The Chocolate Raspberry Donuts have a freshly picked raspberry base with a rich and creamy chocolate glaze along with a beautiful drizzle to create the perfect realistic look.

These are large donuts and will receive 1 donut that is packaged in a cute bakery box which is easily cut or break apart to infuse the perfect amount of fragrance into your home. 


Our wax melts are crafted using premium-quality ingredients. They are designed to be used in a wax warmer and should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.