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Sugar and Spice Custom Creations, LLC

Refreshing Body/Room Spray

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Enhance your surroundings and revitalize your senses with our versatile room and body spray, not offered in convenient 8oz bottles. Whether you seek to creates a welcoming ambiance in your home or enjoy a quick refreshment, our multipurpose spray is ideal for various settings. 

Each bottle is filled with a meticulously blended combination of premium ingredients, crafted to invigorate your senses and uplift your mood. Featuring a fine mist spray, you can effortlessly spritz your fragrance of choice in any room or onto your body for an instant burst of freshness.

Select from our array of captivating scents tailored to suit your preferences./ Our room and body spray is a must-have addition to your daily regimen, providing a simple and effective way to enhance your environment and rejuvenate your senses.