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Handmade Artisan Crystal Soap / Black Tourmaline / Amethyst / Rose Quartz / Clear Quartz

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Crystal Soap

Do you like Crystals? If so, you will love this soap!
The entire bar is soap including the "crystals" on top, so you are able to enjoy every ounce of the amazing lather and cleansing properties.
You can choose from Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Clear Crystal Quartz.
You will receive 1 bar of your choice

Black Tourmaline - Lavender, vanilla, woodsy musk

Amethyst - Black currant mixed with dark amber, saffron, blackberries and vanilla

Rose Quartz - Floral rose quartz with sweet raspberry and lychee with musk

Quartz - Peppermint and sweet vanilla

All of our soaps are vegan 5oz